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At Safely Moored, we offer superior hands on boat training. Our courses are designed with all experience levels in mind.

Your Boat, Your Dock, Your Waterway!

South Florida leads the nation in boating accident fatalities. A review of state accident records for 2006 shows that 86 percent of all fatal accidents involved boaters older than 21 who were NOT required to have formal boating safety education or training. Florida law requires that only boaters 21 & younger attend formal boater safety training.

However, if that age requirement were expanded, as many as 20 lives could be saved each year, according to the state’s chief boating law administrator. National statistics show that boaters who receive formal water safety education and training are 25 percent less likely to be involved in an on-the-water collision than those who do not.

At Safely Moored, education & training is our mission. An educated and trained boater is more confident and as a result, more competent. We are proud to have formed a company dedicated to being a part of making our waterways safe and enjoyable.

Course options & pricing:

    Weekend Warrior: 1 session/ 4 hours $399

  • Safety inspection
  • Pre-trip planning
  • Rules of the Road
  • Boat operation
  • Navigating waterways
  • Anchoring
  • Close quarter handling
  • Docking
  • Boating etiquette
  • Basic knots & line handling
  • Safe boating practices

    Seaworthy Skipper “The Confidence Builder”: 2 sessions/ 7 hours $599

  • 4 hour Weekend Warrior +
  • 3 hour additional session within 2 weeks – this allows students more time to improve their skills and expand on topics covered.
    Master Mariner*: 3 sessions/ 10 hours $799

  • 7 hour Seaworthy Skipper
  • Advanced knot tying
  • Chart plotting
  • Emergency situations
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Advanced navigation
  • Advanced Rules of the Road
    Trailering: 1 session/ 3 hours $299

  • Proper hook-up
  • Launching
  • Retrieveing
  • Docking
    Refresher Session**: 3 hours $299

  • Fully customizable

    Family Training: (2 to 4 people) 1 session/ 5 hours $499

  • 4 hour Weekend Warrior +
  • We focus on learning responsibilities, building confidence and in turn maximizing fun for the whole family.
  • Responsibilities during emergency situations
    Fishing Training Session***: 1 session/ 6 hours $599

  • Fully customizable
  • Trolling
  • Kite Fishing
  • Bottom fishing
  • Swordfishing (night time)
  • Bait fishing
  • Equipment

We also offer fully customizable training sessions, extended, and vacation training. Imagine taking a trip on YOUR boat with our captain to learn boating while cruising… Perfect! Call us today! 954-415-6609

Boat rentals available for training sessions at an additional cost.

*Completion certificate may be submitted to individual insurance companies for discounted rates.
**Prerequisite: prior completion of Safely Moored course.
***Fishing training requires fishing equipment & tackle, Safely Moored will supply select equipment at an
additional cost

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